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NorCal News 2015-07

The July editon of the official NorCal newsletter includes information for the “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining” Rally at McCloud (CA) Dance Country RV Park Sept 2 – 8. The McCloud registration coupon is due August 18. The hosts are Pat L. and Jim & Vicki G. There is updated information for the Prosser Family Campground rally August 5-9, including info on remaining open camp sites. The newsletter includes preview information on registration for the 2015 Region 12 Rally in Minden, NV planned for October 6-11. Registration is on the Region 12 Rally website. Inside the newsletter there is an explanation about the new “flash rally” concept, with the first planned for Cleo (CA) Rivers Edge RV Park July 19-23.

Flash Rallies are an experiment. Our first is the Clio rally in July.  The purpose is to increase opportunities for  members to gather and enjoy activities. Flash rallies could be used for something fairly traditional, such as the Clio rally, which is an RV camping event proposed on short notice. They could also be centered on a non-camping activity, e.g., a dinner and concert; an Amtrak trip; a balloon festival; a kayak outing; etc. Typically, Flash Rallies have the following  characteristics:

• Called on short notice;
• Proposed, organized and run by any NorCal member(s);
• Approved by the board;
• Publicized by email to the NorCal membership and open to any WBCCI member; (Clio was announced in a June 9 email blast.)
• An addition to regular rally and caravan planning, not a replacement event;
• Not NorCal funded; financing and reservations (if required) handled by the participants without involvement of the treasurer or registrar.

NorCal News 2015-06

The May/June edition of the newsletter has important information about signups for the August 5-9 rally at Prosser Family Camp Ground, a U.S. Forest Service camping area near Truckee, CA. This will be a joint rally with the Airstream Sierra Nevada Unit. Eleven campsites remain. Because this is a Forest Service campground, each member must make their own reservation so join us by going to and reserving your site. Come to the August “Cool Times at Truckee High”. We will learn from our neighboring Sierra Nevada Unit dry camping experts how to thrive in an Airstream without a 3 point, or even 2 point, hook-up.

NorCal News 2015-04

The April edition of the Club newsletter announces some major changes in the 2015 rally schedule. The September Fallon, NV rally has been cancelled and a new location is being researched. The rally chair, Claudette, is looking for recommendations.
The newsletter has a larger write-up on the rally planned for April 29-May 3 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds at Grass Valley, with a theme of “Bring Your Silver to Gold Country.” The registration coupon deadline is April 14. This will be a buddy rally and the hosts are Claudette and George P. and John and Mary D.
There are still slots remaining for the Oakhurst/Yosemite Rally planned for June 3-7 at High Sierra RV Park, Oakhurst, CA. The hosts are Don W., Carol R. and John and Elain W. The coupon deadline is May 1. However, we have 21 spaces available at the campground and the overflow will have to park at the nearby Elks Lodge in Oakhurst.
There is an important note about the “Summer Cool Down in the Sierra” rally planned for August 5-9 at Prosser Family Campground near Truckee, CA. This is a Forest Service campground so each individual must make their own reservation. The hosts are Claudette and George with members of the Sierra Nevada Unit. See the newsletter for more details.

NorCal News 2015-03

This edition of the Club newsletter has important information about the next three rallies scheduled for the season in April, May and June. Keep close watch on the registration coupon deadlines because some of the RV Parks have limited us on the number of sites we’ll be able to get.

  • The closest rally is “The Salad Bowl” rally April 12-16 at Betabel RV Park in San Juan Bautista, CA. The coupon is due March 27.
  • The May rally will be “Bring your Silver to Gold Country” at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, CA April 29-May 3. The registration coupon is due April 14. This is a buddy rally, which means you can invite non-members with or without an Airstream.
  • The rally in June will be the Oakhurst/Yosemite Rally at High Sierra RV Park in Oakhurst, CA June 3-7. This campground is 17 miles from the south gate to Yosemite. The registration coupon will be due May 1. As you might imagine, the campgrounds close to Yosemite fill up quickly during the summer tourist season.

News and Views 2015-02

The newsletter from WBCCI has an address from our President. 1450 WBCCI members responded to the club opinion survey. Now there is a list of WBCCI short caravans available. The Vintage Airstream Club has plans for Farmington. How did the new Los Angeles unit get chartered anyway?

NorCal News 2015-01

The first newsletter of the New Year is packed with important information about the Pinnacles/Salinas Rally set for March 4-8 at Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield, CA. There is a registration coupon with a deadline of February 16.There is a preview of the Betabel Rally planned for April 12-16 at Betabel RV Park near San Juan Batista, CA. The Betabel rally has an atypical schedule that runs from a Sunday through Thursday so that several of our members can caravan down to Santa Margarita for the Region 12 Cali-Rally. The newsletter is loaded with pictures from both the Orland and Jackson rallies.


News and Views 2014-12

The informational newsletter from the WBCCI Electronic Communications Committee has an article explaining the new digital directory. There also is a list of technical seminars that have been added to the WBCCI International convention planned for Farmington, NM.

News and Views 2014-11

An informational newsletter from the WBCCI Electronic Communications Committee. This edition of the newsletter introduces Lori Plummer as the new corporate manager. The edition includes many photos of her farmyard friends, including chickens, cats and goats.

NorCal News 2014-11

The Newsletter includes details on the Installation Rally that will be held December 3-7 at Jackson Rancheria, CA. The coupon deadline is November 18. There is a preview of 2015 caravans and rallies, many of which still need hosts.

NorCal News 2014-10

There are details and a registration form for the rally at the Glenn County Fairgrounds at Orland, CA November 5-9. The registration coupon is due October 21. There is a first look at the 2015 rally schedule.There will be several rallies at National Parks. The newsletter also includes information about the Installation Rally that will be held December 3-7 at Jackson Rancheria, CA.

 NorCal News 2014-09

The NorCal WBCCI “Streaming to Fun in the Southwest” winter caravan coupon date has been extended to September 30.  Currently 15 rigs are signed up and there is space for five more leaving from Bakersfield, CA January 16. The last week of the caravan incorporates the optional Alumnafiesta in Tucson, Jan 27 – Feb 2.  If you intend to stay over for the Alumnafiesta you must separately pay for and register for that activity.   There is information in the newsletter about the rally planned for November 5-9 at the Glenn County Fairgrounds in Orland, CA.

News and Views 2014-09

News about WBCCI and views from the members compiled by the Electronic Communications Committee. The September edition has numerous pictures previewing the 2015 WBCCI International Rally in Farmington, NM. There also is a handy instructional guide for afixing the WBCCI membership numbers to your trailer.

NorCal News 2014-08

The August edition of the NorCal News includes coupons for the “Great Reno Balloon Race Rally” September 3-7 at the Sparks (NV) Marina RV Park. The coupon is due August 1. You must call the park to make your own site registration. This newsletter also includes a coupon for the Region 12 Rally in Pahrump, NV October 14-19. There are also details about Larry L’s plan for a two day tag-along caravan from California to Pahrump. URGENT NOTICE: NorCal’s winter caravan “Streaming to Fun in the Southwest” has been announced with a coupon in this edition of the newsletter. The coupon deadline is September 18. The caravan runs January 18-February 1 and concludes with the popular Alumafiesta in Tucson.

News and Views 2014-07

News about WBCCI and views from the members compiled by the Electronic Communications Committee. This edition has a summary of all the amendments passed at the International rally in Gillette in July, including the vote tally. It also includes a summary of Joe Perryman’s acceptance speech as our international leader. There also are plenty of nice pictures. If you are not receiving News and Views as an email and would like to, email Julie Rethman at the Central Office to confirm that your correct email address is on file.  Please give Julie your full name, membership # and current email address in the body of your email.

NorCal News 2014-07

The July edition of the NorCal News includes coupons for the Napa Rally August 6 – 10 at Skyline Wilderness Park and Sparks, NV rally for the Great Reno Balloon Race September 3 – 7. The deadline for the Napa rally coupon is July 22 while the deadline for the Sparks rally coupon is August 1. There is an abnormal twist to the Sparks rally in that you must make your own reservation at the Sparks Marina RV Park. Don’t delay because the RV park may fill up quickly because of the balloon race.

NorCal Newsletter 2014-06

There are registration coupons and detailed information on the Quincy Rally and Caravan to WBCCI International in the May/June edition of the NorCal Newsletter. The Quincy rally will be June 4-8 at Pioneer RV Park and the coupon is due May 20. The caravan to International will leave from Quincy on June 9. This caravan is open to any Airstreamer but is limited to 10 units. 

Region 12 Newsletter 2014-04

The April edition of the Region 12 newsletter is available and has important information about the issues your delegates will vote on at the International Rally in Gillette, WY. The newsletter also includes additional information about the annual Region 12 Rally to be held this year in Pahrump, NV October 14-19, 2014.

NorCal Newsletter 2014-04

This edition of the Poppy includes instructions for motions that will need to be voted on at the International meeting in Gillette, WY. There is information and registration forms for both the Angels Camp, CA buddy rally April 30 to May 4 and Quincy, CA rally June 4 to 8. The Angels Camp rally will be the starting point for the buddy caravan to Gillette, WY with a planned start of June 8.

News and Views 2014-03

News about WBCCI and views from the members compiled by the Electronic Communications Committee. If you prefer to read the Blue Beret online you can save your club printing and postage costs by opting to get the magazine online only (See how in News and Views). There are several paragraphs about planned seminars for the 2014 International Rally in Gillette, including at least two by NorCal’s Hedda S.

NorCal Newsletter 2014-03

The March edition of The Poppy includes important information on registration for the “Mary Had A Little Lamb” rally at the Butte County Fair Grounds April 2-6. The registration deadline for this rally hosted by Jane K. is March 19. Nobody will have a baaaad time at this rally and I’m sure everyone will sleep soundly after counting sheep (Sorry Jane, I couldn’t resist pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.) President Dennis R. has a sweet column explaining the NorCal sewer hook up policy for rallies. There is advance information on the April 30-May 4 rally at Calaveras County Fair Grounds in Angels Camp, CA. It is a “buddy rally” for those Airsteams who have any non-Airtream friends who might like to frolic around Angels Camp (registration deadline is April 15). There is a report with numerous photos of the Cable Car Capers II caravan.

The Rivet 2014-02

Official news and articles from Airstream. A story about the numerous brand names utilizing Airstream in recent months.

Region 12 Newsletter 2014-02

Officers from Region 12, which includes WBCCI units in California and Nevada, attended the annual mid-winter business meeting of WBCCI in Louisiana January 2014. You can read a summary of the 16 motions that were presented and passed at the meeting.

NorCal Newsletter 2014-02

The “Spring Hat Rally” will be March 5 to 9 at Cloverdale Citrus Fair Grounds. The coupon for registration is due February 19. Included in this newsletter is the first column by new President Dennis; a list of red-star members; 2014 leader election results, and numerous photos from the Plymouth installation rally.

NorCal Newsletter 2013-11

The annual NorCal Installation Rally will be held December 4 – 8 at Far Horizon 49er RV Park in Plymouth, CA. The registration coupon is in this newsletter with a deadline of November 23. The newsletter includes a report and pictures of the Region 12 Rally in Lodi, CA that was hosted by the NorCal unit. The newsletter editor reports there are 6 spaces still available for the Cable Car Capers II Carally planned for January 11-22 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

NorCal Newsletter 2013-10

The October edition of the Poppy includes important information on a vote that will be taken in November about the AED. There is advance information on the Betabel Rally set for November 6 to 10 at San Juan Bautista, CA. The coupon is due October 15.

NorCal Newsletter 2013-09

The latest edition of The Poppy includes a preview story and registration form for the Betabel Fall Rally. The coupon is due October 15 for the rally hosted by Chet, Dori and Larry L. There are last minute reminders about the Region 12 Rally, which is hosted by NorCal. There is a coupon for the Cable Car Capers carally.

NorCal Newsletter 2013-08

This is the “international edition” of The Poppy because our newsletter editor is caravanning across Canada while still upholding his obligations to our club. The newsletter includes details and a registration form for the Durango RV Park rally in Red Bluff, CA set for September 11-16. The hosts will be Barry and Claudia and registration deadline is August 15. Other news items include a preview of the January 11 to 22 unit carally with a registration coupon (due September 16). There is additional information and a registration form for the Region 12 Rally October 10-15 in Lodi, CA.

NorCal Newsletter 2013-07

The newsletter includes a preview and registration form for the Casa de Fruta “Buddy” Rally near Hollister, CA July 31-August 4 with a registration deadline of July 15. Other content includes a preview of the 2014 rally and caravan schedule; pictures from Coleville; A reminder that 2014 dues are being collected; Cam’s report on the International Rally, and more information with registration form for the Region 12 Rally with a September 25 signup deadline.

Region 12 Newsletter 2013-06

The WBCCI Region 12 Newsletter has short bios of the 2013-2015 officers; The Superior Merit Award list for 2012; The Region 12 Schedule through 2015; Sign up forms for the 2013 Region 12 Rally and the 2014 Rose Parade Rally.

NorCal News 2013-05

The latest edition of the Poppy has a registration form for the Rally at Coleville June 5-9, which is due to the registrar by May 15. There is a note from Gregg and Valri with a request for volunteers for the Region 12 Rally; an advance write up on the Casa de Fruta Rally set for July 31-August 4 with a registration form due July 15; more pictures from the Chico Rally, and a preview of the 2014 rally schedule.

NorCal News 2013-04

President Claudia explains why “all who wander are not lost.” The newsletter has several pictures from the Sugar Barge Rally and from the Wintering In The Southwest caravan. There is a registration form for the Calistoga Rally set for May 1 – 5.

WBCCI News & Views 2013-03

New maps on show locations for Aistream dealers and service centers. Another map shows locations of units. A new web ink to finding food on the road. A tentative schedule for the 2013 International Rally.

NorCal News 2013-03

This edition includes the preview and registration form for the Chico Rally set for April 3 – 7; Kudos to Larry for taking on the Sugar Barge Rally; An advance writeup and registration form for the La Fiesta Calistoga Rally set for May 1 – 5; Lots of pictures from the Wintering In The Southwest Caravan. The pictures of people taking the “sound bath” are NOT naked.

NorCal News 2013-01

The NorCal newletter includes a preview for the Sugar Barge rally set for March 6 – 10; a preview of the Calistoga rally in early May; registration forms for both the Sugar Barge and Calistoga rallies; a preview of the Chico rally April 3-7, and photos from the December installation rally. This is new editor Cam M.’s first edition and he has done a fine job.

WBCCI News & Views 2013-01

The meeting agenda and committee reports for the 2013 Winter IBT and a preview of a courtesy parking map begin tested for the WBCCI website.

Region 12 Newsletter 2012-12

A report on the Region 12 rally in Bakersfield; additional information on the IBT meeting in Blythe, CA; minutes from the Board meeting in Bakersfield; pictures from the Region 12 rally; a calendar for region events in 2013, and bios of some new officers.

NorCal News 2012-11

Advance notice and registration form for the Caribou Christmas Rally November 28 through December 2 at Jackson Rancheria; President Mike’s report on the Fall Caravan; Travel schedule for the Wintering In The Southwest caravan set for January 6 to 27, 2013, and the calendar for rallies and caravans planned for 2013.

NorCal News 2012-10

There is an update on the schedule for the Red Bluff Rally, including the great pumpkin carving contest; details for the Wintering In The Southwest caravan planned for January 6 to 27; the list of nominees for the 2013 NorCal Board, and the new 2013 rally calendar.

NorCal News 2012-09

Read plans for the Durango Rally at Red Bluff, CA October 31-November 4; details on the Wintering In The Soutwest caravan planned for January 2 – 27, 2013; the proposed rally schedule for 2013, and more details on the Hwy 395 Part II Carally planned for October 8-17.

Region 12 Newsletter 2012-07

The Region 12 Newsletter has the report by President Judy B. of her activities at the International, including a full governance report. There is information on the Region Rally planned for October 17-22 in Bakersfield, CA and the Hobo Rally January 28-February 3. The mid-winter WBCCI International Board of Trustees meeting will be held prior to the Hobo Rally, so if you’ve never had a chance to attend an IBT meeting then this will be your best opportunity. There is an IBT signup form in the newsletter.

The Alaska Caravan

We have four NorCal trailers on a caravan to Alaska. Click on the headline to go to a blog being kept by Cam and Marcia. Some other Airstream friends, Jim and Deb, are also keeping a blog and here is a link to their blog: Dreamstreamers.

NorCal News 2012-08

The agenda and signup form for the Benbow, CA rally Sept. 5 to 9; More information on the Carally planned for Oct. 8 to 17; President Mike’s report on the International Rally from Sedalia, MO, and a picture of our new International President John Boutwell and his fiancee, Sandi.

 NorCal News 2012-07

The agenda and signup form for the Half Moon Bay rally August 1 to 5; An announcement from the Board that membership and rally fees have been reduced (when is the last time you heard of a fee being reduced!!); the Fort Bragg Rally report, and a preview of the October 8-17 Carally. More pictures of Ray eating ice cream.

WBCCI News & Views 2012-05

The official WBCCI announcement about Don Clark and John Boutwell; marketing plans for new members, and a plan to change some rallies to a Thursday through Monday schedule.

NorCal News 2012-05

The May edition of the NorCal News has details of plans for the June 6-10 rally in Sparks, NV; President Mike’s column includes information about his plans for the International Rally, and an update on the 2013 Region 12 rally, which is sponsored by NorCal. There are more pictures of the Paso Robles Rally.

NorCal News 2012-04

Pictures of the Napa Rally; sign up forms for both the Fort Bragg and Sparks rallies, and pictures of some new members.

NorCal News 2012-03

News about the 2012 Directory; a message from President Mike M.; Information about the Fort Bragg Rally, and sign up forms for the Paso Robles Rally.

WBCCI Region 12 Newsletter 2012-01

Report on the IBT meeting from Hattiesburg, MS; Region 12 needs Treasurer and Membership Chairperson; Next three WBCCI International Rallies to be Sedalia, MO, June 28-July 4, Huron, SD in 2013 and probably Gillette, WY in 2014; Region 12 state rally October 17-22 at Bakersfield, CA, and a picture of the NorCal Caravan at Catalina Island.

NorCal News 2012-01

Information on the Napa Rally planned for February 29-March 4; Paso Robles Rally sign up forms; Pictures of the Jackson Rally, and updates on the 2013 region rally name contest.

The NorCal Airstream Club is the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) chapter in Northern California.

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