Norcal Officers

President: Mike Minadeo (contact email is )

1st Vice President: Ray Bell

2nd Vice President: John Bibby

Trustee: Marget Williams

Trustee: James Christie

Trustee: Bob Verdegaal

Trustee: Gail Crutchfield

Recording Secretary: Carrie Bell

Treasurer: Phyllis Minadeo (contact email is )

Immediate Past President: Pat Lazzereschi

Parliamentarian: Hedda Smithson

Committee Chairs

Membership: Chris Davison  (contact email is )

Rally Chair: Pat Lazzereschi  (contact email is ) 

Caravans: Bob V. 

Sunshine: Claudia Marson     (contact email is )

Newsletter: Steve Deiwert (contact email is )

Rally Registrar: Vicki Gallagher (contact email is )

Website: Barry Marson  (contact email is )


Norcal Constitution

Norcal Bylaws     Updated

Norcal Unit Handbook

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

SOP 1.1 C Duties of the President

SOP 1.2B Duties of the 1st Vice President

SOP 1.3B Duties of the 2nd Vice President

SOP 1.4A Duties of the Treasurer

SOP 1.6B Duties of the Recording Secretary

SOP 1.8A Duties of Trustees

SOP 2.2A Rally Handbook

SOP 5.3.1 Duties of the Newsletter Editor