Norcal 2018 Rally & Caravan Schedule


12/28/17 – 1/1/18 Annual  Rose Parade Rally Pasadena  CA
2/28 – 3/3 The Lakes RV Resort Chowchilla CA
4/4 – 4/8 Flag City RV Resort (Change) Lodi CA
4/19 – 4/22 Cali Rally (full at this time) – V6 Ranch
Parkfield CA
5/6 – 5/13 Benbow RV Resort Garberville CA
6/13/ – 6/17 (Buddy Rally) Pioneer RV Park Quincy CA
6/17- 7/3 Tagalong to International Salem OR
8/1 – 8/5 Yosemite Lakes RV Park Cancelled Groveland CA
9/4 – 9/9 Marina Dunes RV Park Marina CA
10/4 – 10/7 (Tagalong planned) Region 12 Rally Las Vegas CA
10/9 – 10/13 Visalia/Sequoia Nat. Park KOA Cancelled Visalia CA
11/7 – 11/11  (Buddy Rally) Sugar Barge RV Resort/Marina Bethel  Island CA
11/28 – 12/2 Jackson Rancheria RV Park Jackson CA

Fun Fact:

Do you want to add 5000 miles to your odometer?  It’s easy.  Just attend every Norcal/WBCCI event in 2018 (calculated from our home in Lodi).  That’s our goal.





Dates are arrival and departure, although you can often request a day-early arrival. Sign-ups are by submitting a completed registration form by the due date. “Buddy” events allow you to invite a non-member even if they don’t own an Airstream. Events lacking hosts may be cancelled. See below about the late registration process.

 Rally Registration

Registration forms for NorCal rallies appear in the newsletter 1-2 months prior to the rally.  Early registration assures your place in the rally.  Please see the revised registration procedures here

We reserve 20 or more spaces in advance but there is some flexibility for more.  The earlier you register the greater is our ability to accommodate everyone wanting to come.

NorCal Rallies:  Any member may invite an Airstream owner who is a NON-member to accompany them on a club rally. In addition, 2 rallies per year are designated as BUDDY rallies where SOB (“some other brand”) owners may be invited.

As a WBCCI member, you may attend ANY rally/caravan put on by ANY WBCCI Unit.  Each Unit’s schedule and contact information can be found on their website as well as in the BLUE BERET.

About Late Registration 

For late registration call the RV park to make a reservation and pay for your site (the rate may or may not be the club rate based on the campground’s policies). Then contact the Registrar   to arrange payment of rally and activities fees. No club provided food refunds after Wednesday of the rally. Any other refund is determined by the cancellation policy of the contractors. It is not mandatory that you camp with us every day of a rally because we know people have other obligations. Some rally fees may be pro-rated accordingly.

We  know that work and family schedules some times change  in ways that enable you to join us even if  the rally registration deadline has passed. So please don’t be hesitant to make that late decision to come have fun with us.


The NorCal Airstream Club is the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) chapter in Northern California.