2012 Rallies and Caravans

Jackson Holiday Rally

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More than two dozen Airstreamers camped in torrential rain at Jackson Rancheria for the annual NorCal WBCCI holiday rally November 28 through December 2. This is the annual meeting where club officers and trustees turn over so the new leadership can ready the club for the new year. A highlight of the holiday rally is always the food. This year was no exception. There was a table heaped with homemade cookies. There is a supply of cookies so ample that they are consumed during the entire rally. Jackson Rancheria has an excellent and comfortable meeting room for Airstreamers. It was heavily used for this rally because of the rainy weather. A group got together to create hand-made holiday cards. Another group braved a break in the rain for some on-the-job training on Airstream electrical systems after one developed a short and left the participant without power. There are many members with a deep technical knowledge of Airstreams, enabled partlly by the high number of retired engineers in the group. – December, 2012.


Red Bluff Airstream Rally

Airstream Rally at Red Bluff, CA

The NorCal WBCCI Rally at Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff, CA had 25 Airstreams in a beautiful river-side setting with concrete pads and a nicely appointed club room. The hosts were John and Mary D. along with Rally captains Shirley B. and John L. They did a super job with several terrific gatherings, including hot dogs at the historic ferry adobe on the river. There was a Halloween Party, with judging of costumes and pumpkins. The group also toured the historic fire fighters station in Red Bluff, which we all agreed was one of the best in the territory. There was a business meeting and ballots were approved for the election of next year’s officers.

Region 12 Rally

Northern California Airstream Region 12 WBCCI RallyNine NorCal Airstreamers attended the Region 12 Rally in Bakersfield, CA October 17-22, 2012. Sunny Bakersfield lived up to its reputation with perfect weather for the 54 registrants. The NorCal group had its own barbeque one evening with master chef Mike M. grilling flank steak marinated in Jane’s special sauce. There were several great seminars, including technology on the road, brake adjustment and wheel bearing repack. There was a cooking demo, which served up tasty chocolate lava cake at the conclusion. Several smaller groups went off to the Wool Growers restaurant for a traditional Basque meal that included pickeled cow tongue and cabbage soup. Next year the Region 12 rally will be in Lodi, CA. — October, 2012

Half Moon, Half Humor

Northern California Airstream Rally at Half Moon Bay, CAThe Northern California WBCCI Airstream unit rally at Half Moon Bay, CA was celebrated with an Aloha Day. It included judging for the ugliest shirt contest. The group participated in wacky games, including trying to shoot a balloon of your spouse’s head with a squirt gun.
The rally on August 1 to 5 was hosted by Jackie and Lee K. Besides the silliness, some Airstreamers went for a stroll through historic downtown Pescadero, CA. There was an optional trip to the Harley Farms Goat Dairy. – August, 2012

WBCCI International Rally

NorCal Airstream


The Northern California Unit of WBCCI was well represented at the International Airstream Rally in Sedalia, MO. President Mike M. and First Lady Jane, along with alternate delegate Tom S. and region Parlimentarian Hedda S., attended the delegates meeting where the constitutional revisions were not approved by the membership. The motorhome issue was forwarded without decision to the next annual meeting. Pictured here are Hedda S., who was drafted to carry the flag for Golden West, and Mike M. with the NorCal flag. Larry and Kathy W. were chairs of the Host-to-Host event, which resulted in a front-page news story in the Sedalia Democrat. Harold and Sandra H. chaired the full-timers committee and put on two seminars. Judith B. worked on the parking committee, which was a sweltering hot job at the Missouri State Fairgrounds. Bob V. stopped by for a couple of days to make sure we were all having fun. Affiliate members Judy and Ken B. hosted the Region 12 breakfast, to which President Mike was the only unit president in attendance. Next year the Rally will be in Huron, SD at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds. If you have a used Airstream, new Airstream or vintage Airstream just pack it up and join us in South Dakota. – July, 2012

Airstream alternative in Nevada

This 1921 Ford T Kampcar at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, NV caught the attention of Airstreamers attending the NorCal Rally at the Sparks RV Marina Park. The Museum is known for its many rare, experimental and unique automobiles. It has been named one of the best car museums in the world by AutoWeek magazine. Some of the Airstreamers also drifted south to Carson City for the annual Rendevouz. The annual Rendevouz is where mountain men, cowboys, soliders, Native Americans, and folks from all walks of life in the Old West merge for a raucous celebration. A fun and enjoyable rally hosted by the always efficient Roy and Linda M. and Larry L. – June 2012

Mushroom ice cream at Cowlick’s

The NorCal unit of WBCCI started off May with a rally at Fort Bragg, CA with the hosts Deanna and Tom B. and Joe and Jeri S. Fort Bragg has the famous Noyo Harbor, which is a haven for seals and sea lions. It is a working port with a commercial fishing fleet, charter boats and fish markets. This is where Airstreamers took advantage of the numerous “fresh catch of the day” opportunities. Between restaurants, some of the Airstreamers went off the beaten path to glimpse at “Triangle Tattoo & Museum,” which has been featured on the Discovery Channel. So far, there have been no reports of new body art on our members. The rally included a trip to Cowlicks Hand Made Ice Cream in downtown Fort Bragg. It is mysterious how the group manages to locate every special ice cream store near a rally. Some one in the group must have an ice cream devining rod inside their Airstream. One on-line reviewer described it this way:

“But out of all things cool and local, Cowlick’s mushroom ice cream is purty damn smooth and amazing. Made with a type of funghi called candy caps that is naturally sweet and tastes like maple/maple syrup. Has a very faint hint of mushroom flavor (are those little tiny spores inside the ice cream?), and has less sugar added than the other flavors.”

Visting Paso Robles wine country

Paso Robles Rally

The Northern California WBCCI Airstream unit rally in Paso Robles was challenged by rainy coastal weather. That did not stop the Airstreamers from enjoying the Central Coast wine country. San Luis Obispo County is home to more than 100 wineries. That is far too many to visit in just one rally, so obviously another will have to be scheduled for the future. Close by was the famous Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Morro Bay offered sport fishing and whale watching but the weather was not cooperative. A common activity of the NorCal Airtreamers is socializing. One of the favorite topics is comparing technology usable on the road for staying in touch with friends and family. There is always plenty to eat for the festive group. — April 2012

Mare Island captivates Napa Rally

Napa RallyThe Napa Rally at Skyline RV Park was hosted by Dennis and Karen R. and Sherry & Ray R. They did a wonderful job of organizing a rally in the busy Napa region. Many people think only of wine when going to Napa. But there is so much more to see than just grapes, grapes and more grapes.

The Air Stream group went to historic Mare Island, which is a pennisula alongside Vallejo, CA. In 1854, Mare Island became the first permanent U.S. naval installation on the West Coast. The area got its name from a prized white mare that swam ashore after a ferry capsized about 10 years prior to becoming a naval installation. The naval base was deactivated in 1995, and today it is a historic landmark. For more than 15 years, the state of California, federal government and Vallejo have worked together to restore the area. — March 2012

Winter Caravan seeks the sunshine

The NorCal Winter Caravan led by Cam and Marcia traveled through Felton and the Santa Cruz Mountains. There was a stop off at Dubost Winery for dry camping and wine tasting west of Paso Robles. Then it was the beaches of Morro Bay before traveling on to Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County and Long Beach. The final stops were at San Diego with the conclusion in Borrego Springs. That was just in time for a little rest before attending the Region 12 Air Stream Hobo Rally at Blythe, CA. — February 2012.

Here is what President Mike M. said about the caravan:

“Our first morning leaving the Bay Area was cold and rain into the first night. Tuesday the skys opened up to sunshine and warm temperatures. We all had a little smile on our faces, hoping the weather would hold for at least a few days.

“Moving down the central coast line of California has its own charm, but when you add great weather to the redwoods of Santa Cruz, Dubost winery on a back road (G-14) in Paso Robles hills, beaches at Morro Bay and a lake in Santa Barbara Mountains, our first week was outstanding.

“As the Caravan continued into the Los Angeles area, some of the group hugged the coastline on Highway 1 through the beach towns and on into San Diego. Having lunch 25′ from the ocean for me, just doesn’t get any better. The San Diego Zoo was a real hit and Balboa Park was unbelievable.”


Rose Parade Rally Airstreamers see float

Rose Parade Rally, 2012Several members of the NorCal unit of Wally Byum Caravan Club International (WBCCI) took their Airstreams to Pasadena, CA for the 2012 Rose Parade Rally on New Year’s weekend. The annual Region 12 event offers exclusively to Airstreamers the opportunity to park within walking distance of the Rose Parade route from December 29 through January 2. The Airstreamers were able to see floats under construction, where workers applied many of the more delicate flowers in the hours just before the parade.

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Region 12 covers the geographical areas of the states of California and Nevada and is comprised of 12 member units which are distributed throughout the two states. Airstream owners may join WBCCI and one or more of the units in Region 12. — January 2012

Installation rally at Jackson Rancheria

It was that time of year when new officers were installed for the NorCal Airstream Unit. It also involved good friends, good food and good cheer. There was a relaxed schedule that allowed time for long morning walks, shopping in Jackson, tasting wine or whatever it took to have the Holiday spirit.

Wednesday began with happy hour and a hot home-made soup dinner. There was a movie and hot chocolate for dessert. Thursday morning it was PB&J and a brisk walk. There was a kitchen wares demonstration by a local shop.

One evening was preserved for the President’s farewell dinner and awards reception. Installation of new officers on a later night at the rally was officiated by Region 12 President Judy B. — December 2011

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