2013 Rallies and Caravans

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Rose Parade Rally

Airstream, WBCCI, Northern California, Rose Parade

WBCCI Rose Parade Rally NorCal unit members Tom and Hedda S. were instrumental in organizing the WBCCI Rose Parade Special Event Rally in Pasadena, CA. This chore stems from Tom’s new duties as region vice president. The annual Rose Parade rally enables the Airstreamers to have 4 days of dry-camping in a parking lot near to the parade route. The Airstreamers wander lovely Pasadena and have numerous opportunities to join the Rose Parade festivities. Some of the group took a tour of the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. They are up bright and early for their prime seats on the parade route. — December 2013. Photo by Tom S.

Next event: The NorCal Carally begins January 11 at Olema, CA and concludes January 22 at Half Moon Bay. For information contact rally.norcal@gmail.com


Plymouth Installation Rally

Roy feeds bread to a flock of ducks at Far Horizon 49er RV Park in Plymouth, CA

Roy feeds bread to a flock of ducks at Far Horizon 49er RV Park in Plymouth, CA

There were sunny days and chilly nights for the 2013 annual NorCal installation rally at Far Horizon 49er RV Park in Plymouth, CA December 4 – 8. Everyone brought cookies as part of the annual tradition that includes an unusually formal dinner for the passing of the gavel. Numerous Airstreamers went to Sutter Creek, CA for the annual holiday tour. Despite the occasional chilly temperatures the RV Park clubhouse had a beautiful fireplace that always offered a warm and inviting place for friends to gather. — December 2013.


San Juan Batista rally collage
Fourteen NorCal units attended the Betabel Fall Rally at San Juan Batista, CA, November 6 to 10. The rally was hosted by Chet, Dori and Rally Chairman Larry L. The group reported perfect weather at the RV Park five miles south of Gilroy, CA.
The group took a tour of an apple orchard and enjoyed the fruit of the fall harvest (apple pie with ice cream). They toured the San Juan Batista Mission, and arrived in time to see 13 busloads of school children arrive for the same visit. It was a real mix of generations.
During the business meeting the group welcomed two new “greenie” members. (Until members have attended three rallies they wear a green ribbon on their name tag so our members recognize someone new among the group.) Also at the business meeting the proposal to purchase an AED was defeated by vote of 25-19.
The next rally will be December 4 through 8 at Far Horizon 49er RV Park in Plymouth, CA. — November, 2013. Photos by Tom S. and Barry M.


Red Bluff Rally

1-Kelly House
NorCal Airstream club members had a rally at the Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff, CA. The rally hosts were President Claudia and Membership Chairman Barry. The club had warm and pleasant weather at the campground, which is situated along the banks of the Sacramento River.
The NorCal group toured the Kelly-Griggs House and Museum in Red Bluff. The classical Victorian home was built in the 1880s. It features Victorian-dressed mannequins with artifacts and furnishings from that period. — September 2013. Photo by Tom S.

2014 Rally and Caravan

The 2014 rally and caravan schedule has been planned for the Northern California Unit of WBCCI. The Airstreamers will begin 2014 with a carally called Cable Car Capers II. The carally will begin January 11 at Olema, CA and the Airstreamers will conclude at Half Moon Bay on January 22.

The entire 2014 schedule has been added to our CALENDAR tab on the web site. An addition this year to the web site is the small monthly calendar in the rail on the left side of the web page. Roll your cursor over the active dates and see scheduled trips. You can go to more “details” to connect with another map. The NorCal map is integrated with Region 12 so all our events now show up simultaneously on the Region 12 web site.

Fruta Fun

Casa de Fruta Rally 2013

The Northern California Airstream unit of WBCCI found a way to have fun at a rally held at Casa de Fruta, Hollister, CA. The weather was perfect for the rally. The group went on a tour where there was the usual amount of horseplay among the participants. There was plenty to eat, and several participants in this picture look like they really enjoyed the restaurant. — July 2013. Photos by Barry and Claudia.

2013 International Rally

1-2013-06-28 2013 International Rally in Huron SD

The WBCCI 2013 International Rally in Huron, SD hosted about 380 Airstream owners for entertainment, tours and seminars. Although the event began with some turbulent summer thunderstorms, nature ultimately delivered mild summer days for the event at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds. Great Britain’s BBC video taped a special report on the rally from Huron.

During the annual meeting delegates decided against allowing owners of non-Airstream manufactured motor homes from becoming members of the group. The motion was defeated 3,301 votes against and 1,493 votes in favor. The proposal to allow on-line payment of dues never became a motion and died.

Here is a message from Cam and Marcia about their experience with a South Dakota storm:

We are in Huron, South Dakota, for a rally of nearly 400 Airstreams. The following is what happened when two native Californians encountered a tornado siren. Some of you will remember, and were present, when we had a similar but less wild experience in I think Minnesota on an earlier caravan.
It was hot, around 90, the humidity high and the skies grey. I finished grocery shopping and returned to the trailer at Huron’s South Dakota State Fairgrounds about 2 PM. At 12,000 people, Huron is the biggest city we’ve seen the last couple weeks, but it shares a common look across the prairie – 1950s architecture, silos, railroad tracks, pick-up trucks, Dairy Queens, WalMarts.
Marcia was reading and I tried a short nap, listening to the wind, thinking about what a constant it is on the prairie. Marcia saw it was getting windier and the sky was turning darker. She went outside to take a quick picture and returned to the trailer.
Suddenly the wind noise increased dramatically and almost simultaneously we heard a “take cover” warning siren, and I was awake. Very awake. Rain poured as we puzzled for seconds, realizing how unprepared we were – stay with the trailer or duck to the cinderblock restrooms that were designated as shelters? Drive the truck or run? Now thunder was rumbling and the clouds were flashing and the midnight darkness left me confused, thinking I must have been asleep a long time.
We heard the slam of a car door and the start of an engine and realized our neighbors Carlos and Rosemary, with experience in hurricanes and the like, were fleeing; later we learned they had pounded on our trailer.
I struggled for my raincoat and we went into this tremendous storm that wanted to rip the door off. The restroom was only 100 yards away but we headed for the truck, as it offered shelter of a sort. I fumbled with the fob trying to unlock the door while Marcia found herself in mud and in the awkwardness lost a sandal. The truck came to life and I turned on the lights and wipers but neither seemed to make much difference. We drove crosswise through the campground, skipping the roads, in a beeline for the restroom. I pulled to a stop but the area was very muddy and getting worse. Marcia pointed out the low size of the curb and I drove on, over a sidewalk and into a grassy area. We dashed from the truck to the restroom, joining maybe five women and a guy in a back area of the women’s room.
We were totally taken by surprise but the others, all locals, had known this was likely and had been monitoring the weather on smartphones. The excitement level was high but nobody was panicked. The restroom was new, clean and sturdy looking. So this is a women’s room.
After a few minutes of things getting neither worse nor better, a few of us ventured to the front to see what was going on. It was still night time dark. Looking toward our trailers looked OK, but debris was everywhere and 55-gallon trash barrels, fortunately made of plastic, were bounding and rolling and crashing into things. A few sheets of plywood were tumbling. But trees and structures seemed to be holding. After maybe ten minutes the power went out, but back-up lights continued to burn, as did the campground’s parking lot lights.
After maybe a half-hour the siren stopped and the storm diminished somewhat, but nobody was ready to go outside. It slowly became lighter and we could see trees that had lost major limbs but all buildings seemed intact. Cellphones worked and people were checking on relatives and friends, no problems.
After maybe 45 minutes the rain ceased and it became day again. My phone rang, Carlos inviting us over for a beer. Good idea. They had driven a couple hundred yards in the opposite direction, taking shelter in their truck under a concrete grandstand that Carlos decided had survived many a similar storm and should be safe. The temperature two hours ago was 90 degrees, and now was only 67.
Later we learned Huron had 87 MPH winds, with many trees and power lines down. They categorize this thing as only a severe storm around here. In the fairgrounds trees and one power pole were down and branches were snagged in powerlines; power was not restored until the afternoon of the next day. The roof of a pole barn collapsed on a row of National Guard vehicles. There are currently over 200 Airstreams on site, but hail–the curse of all Airsteamers–was not an issue, no notable damage except to a motorhome, caught on the interstate. Their awning and awning supports were torn off violently. A big branch fell on an Airstreamer’s truck, crushing the fiberglass shell over the bed. In town two 18-wheelers tipped over, and we later saw a collapsed grain silo. Very minor problems in the Airstream community considering the potential.


Chop, Chop, Shred

1-2013 Callistoga Rally

NorCal Airstreamers went on a tour of the Bale Grist Mill during the Calistoga Rally. The group also took a tour of a recycling plant. The rally was hosted by Deanna, Martha, Magaret with co-hosts Tom, Larry and Rick. Photo by Larry W. — May 2013

Wilding in Chico


NorCal Airstreamers caught the beautiful Northern California spring weather for the rally in Chico. The rally was hosted by George, Claudette, Cam and Marcia. The Airstreamers had two tours in nearby Oroville, CA. They went to the Bolts Antique Tool Museum, which has the largest known collection of hand tools. They went also to the Chinese Temple and Museum Complex, which is a California landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Photo by Cam M. — April 2013

Sweet at Sugar Barge

Clockwise from left: The Joker game; 50th Anniversary Celebration; Ukele practice, and walking the talk.
Clockwise from upper left: The Joker game; 50th Anniversary Celebration; Ukelele practice, and walking the talk.

Unit members and their buddy friends were welcomed to the Sugar Barge Rally March 6 with a chicken and rice dinner. The host was rally chair Larry L.
It was a very relaxed rally. Several members visited the historic San Francisco suburb of Antioch and had lunch at the River View Lodge.
Antioch is one of the oldest settlements in California. Shortly after 1850, however, a plague eliminated most of the residents. The city was named after the biblical city of Antioch, Turkey. It was actually coal and copper that drove economic development for Antioch in the late 1800s. Photos by Deanna B. — March 2013

Hobo High Life

Airstream, Hobo Rally 2013
About 175 Airstermers gathered in the green valley of the Blythe basin at the fairgrounds near Blythe, CA for the National Hobo Rally January 29-February 3. This was the year when the Hobo Rally was held following the annual IBT meeting, so the rally hosts were able to welcome many national visitors for their first Hobo event.
Despite some cool rain for the IBT, the Hobo Rally celebrated some glorious sunny days with cool desert nights.
Food, as usual, was outstanding. It included NorCal’s Tom S. cooking up a pot of oatmeal served with ice cream for breakfast.
Entertainment included both the Methodist bell ringers and the local high school band, along with the nationally recognzed Hobo Band. – February 2012

Wintering In The Southwest

Airstream, WBCCI, NorCal, Northern California
Counterclockwise from upper left: Walking the dog in Palm Desert; Kitt Peak Observatory; wind turbine farm tour near Palm Springs, and twlight dining in Tucson.

The Northern California unit of WBCCI kicked off its Wintering In The Southwest Caravan January 6 at the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield, CA. The oranges were plumb and juicy and many of the caravaners were able to pluck a bag-full from the trees. There are few fruits as delicious as an orange fresh off the tree.
The caravan co-leaders were Tom and Deanna B. and John and Elain W. The group left Bakersfield and spent several days near Joshua Tree National Park. The weather turned cool and windy but it did not stop the caravaners from exploring the Keys Ranch at the park. From Joshua Tree the troop of 16 units moved to Desert Hot Springs. Of course the group had to attend a showing of the Follies in Palm Springs.
The next stop was back into the desert around Organ Pipe Cactus National Park near Why, AZ. It included a trip to Kitt Observatory closer to Tucson. Eventually the group shifted its camp to the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson and made a visit to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.
From Tucson the group moved on to Silver City, NM to see the nearby Cliff Dwellings. The next stop was Holbrook, AZ for a visit to the Petrified Forest National Monument. – January 2013

Rose Parade Rally

Airstreamers attending the Rose Parade Rally camped at an elementary school parking lot so they could be close to the parade route. The elementary school was attended by Cam M., editor of the NorCal Poppy newsletter, which means the school must have had an excellent staff of teachers. The float shown above was an award winner that some of the WBCCI members helped to prepare for the parade. — January 2013